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Activism: Government: Watchdog Organizations

See also: Privacy, a dwindling resource, and Cyber Rights for 'net action

"The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It is necessary, to keep the waters pure.
-- Thomas Jefferson to Lafayette, 1823

Keeping tabs on Big Brother

* American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
The ACLU's mission is to fight civil liberties violations whenever and whereever they occur.
* Coalition for Progressive Values
To infuse progressive values throughout public policy in America by connecting progressive organizations, their members and other citizens with each other and to ballot initiatives, campaigns and legislative action.
* Common Cause
a nonprofit, nonpartisan citizen's lobbying organization promoting open, honest and accountable government
Their Washington Watchdog area is particularly useful
* Endgame Research Services
provides research services and training to citizens who are working for corporate and governmental accountability, and who are committed to socially just and ecologically sustainable societies.
* The Freedom Forum
a nonpartisan, international foundation dedicated to free press, free speech and free spirit for all people. The foundation focuses on four main priorities: the Newseum, First Amendment freedoms, newsroom diversity and world press freedom.
* The Freedom of Information Center
Serving the general public and the media on questions about access to government documents and information
* From The Wilderness
by Mike Ruppert who, according to Dick Gregory, is "the man who cost CIA Director Deutch his guaranteed appointment as Secretary of Defense after confronting him at Locke High School with hard facts about CIA dealing drugs."
* Human Rights Discussion & Mailing Lists
Discussion of human rights issues including civic, political, economic and social rights, as defined by international law.
* The Independent Institute
Enlightening ideas for public policy
The Lighthouse - a weekly e-mail newsletter - is a good read
* InFact
Challenging corporate abuse
Building grassroots power
* Institute for First Amendment Studies
a non-profit founded in 1984 to expose and counter the political activities of the radical Religious Right
* People for the American Way
committed to defending democracy and bringing the ideals of community, opportunity, diversity, equality and fairness together to form a strong, united voice
* - by Declan McCullagh
a moderated mailing list of politics and technology. Topics include privacy, free speech, the role of government and corporations, antitrust, and more.
* Power Structure Research
an approach to the study of power that highlights the unequal distribution of resources upon which power is based (e.g., wealth, political office, control of the mass media) and the importance of formal and informal social networks as the means by which power is concentrated and institutionalized
* Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy (POCLAD)
Instigating democratic conversations and actions that contest the authority of corporations to govern.
a non-partisan searchable database of Congressional voting records from a Progressive perspective
* Public Citizen
Protecting Health, Safety & Democracy since 1971
Founded by Ralph Nader
* School of the Americas Watch
SOA Watch is an independent organization that seeks to close the US Army School of the Americas, under whatever name it is called, through vigils and fasts, demonstrations and nonviolent protest, as well as media and legislative work.
* Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC)
Want the real dope on the feds? Want to know what government enforcers actually DO rather than what they SAY they do? TRAC is a source for nonpartisan facts on federal law enforcement. Its mission: to put the government on the record--it's own record.
TRAC the ATF, DEA, FBI, IRS and others...
* United for a Fair Economy
Creators of the excellent and informative site Billionaires For Bush Or Gore .com
working to address the widening income and asset gap in our country
the place to find factual, no-nonsense information about the tension between liberty and security during wartime.

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