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Activism: San Francisco Sexuality Resources

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Serving the San Francisco Sex Community Since 1993

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Some of My Favorite Classes and Workshops

Body Electric School
Body Electric is committed to exploring the healing potential of erotic energy and recognizes the body's wisdom as ancient, sacred, playful and profound. (I haven't yet attended Body Electric, but I have heard very positive things from many who have, and I look forward to taking one or more of their classes.)

Celebrations of Love (Corte Madera) / Lori Star -- 415 / 924-5483
I practice Tantra (whenever I can!), a yogic form of breathing that promotes the easy movement, or "running" of energy within one's body. There are many wonderful teachers of Tantra in the Bay Area, each with their own specialties. Lori provides a solid grounding in the mechanics of a rather "red", or sexual, form of Tantra. I have had some of the highest experiences of my life in the Room of Love that she creates at her workshops.

The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) -- 415 / 571-5524
I have attended HAI's full series of workshops on Love, Intimacy and Sexuality and an enjoying being at service to the organization as an Intern. A current spiritual goal of mine is to open more to being a yes, and in doing so open to intimacy ("in to me you see") through receiving others' love. My experiences with HAI have helped me along both my internal and external journies, and have aided in my basic ability to be clear and present with myself and others. HAI conducts weekend-long workshops at Harbin Hotsprings and several other locations across the globe, and hosts lots of introductory evenings and parties.

QSM (Quality SM) -- 415 / 550-7776
Classes (often with hot demonstrations!) given on various topics in SM

Sacred Space Institute workshops
Polyamory, Tantra, Sexual Shamanism, & more!

The San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) hotline -- 415 / 989-7374
A free, anonymous, non-judgemental information and referral service. Call them for any question related to sex, including referrals to sex-positive doctors and therapists. SFSI is a proponent of all sexual practices, as long as they are concensual.
[Cool!] Check out the the SFSI (pronounced "sfissy") trainings, which are held twice a year. The 50 training is based, in part, on the highly successful Sexual Attitudes Restructuring process developed by the National Sex Forum. The class is great, and available for half price if you elect to work on the switchboard, 3 hours a week for 6 months. (Highly recommended!) I spent more than the required time on the hotline - it was at once challenging, rewarding and best of all, fun! (They throw great parties, too!)

The San Francisco Society of Janus -- 415 / 292-3222
"an educational and support organization for adults who support and are both seriously and personally interested in sexuality based on a safe, consensual, non-exploitive transfer of power between partners."

The Temple of Sacred Sensual Arts (San Rafael) -- 415 / 492-9377
Stephen Clark and Marilyn King put a lot of heart in their expression and teaching of Tantra (and they have a wonderful staff)

The Welcomed Consensus
The Welcomed Consensus offers videos and courses in sensuality, relationships, communication, and lifestyles, with a focus on better orgasm. (I have not yet attended one of their classes nor do I know of anyone who has, but they appear to have a pretty good reputation.)


Sexy Stores in San Francisco

Good Vibrations (1210 Valencia St., SF) -- 415/550-7399
Woman owned & operated toy store. A great place to go to on a date! They have a wonderful library and a museum of antique dildos. Ask for their mail order catalog, and check out their Sex-Positive Resources and Links

Romantasy (2191 Market St. (at Sanchez), SF) -- 415/487-9909 ext.03
This hot little shop recently arrived in cyberspace with Ann Grogan, proprietess. Visit their cyboutique & check out their corsets!

Stormy Leather (1158 Howard Street, SF) -- 415/626-1672 (626-6783 factory)
Woman owned and operated leather, latex and toy shop. Slightly "heavier" than Good Vibes, but a real nice place to shop at. There's a local factory run by the shop for custom work at reasonable prices.

Mr. S Leather / Fetters (310 7th St.) -- 415/863-7764; fax: 863-7798
Heavier, largely (but definately not exclusively!) gay-male leather store.

-----> Yum! <-----

Places to visit while in the SF Bay Area

Bay Area Naturists
A loosely-knit collection of people in the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas who believe that less is more

Esalen Institute
A beautiful retreat/spa/workshop center in Big Sur

Harbin Hotsprings
A clothing-optional retreat and workshop center. The Human Awareness Institute holds many of their workshops at Harbin.

Lupin Naturist Club
A well-maintained naturist resort with many excellent facilities, Lupin provides a great place to unwind.

SF Bay Guardian Nude Beach Guide
Redrock Beach is one of my faves. Come, enjoy, be at peace, and bring something to share with the local community (e.g., Flying disks, Water Melons, Songs...)


San Francisco Area Resources for Information and STD Testing

The City Clinic (356 7th St., btw. Folsom & Harrison) -- 415/487-5500
Complete, professional, cheap STD testing. Drop in hours (no appointment necessary) Mon/Wed/Fri 8 AM - 4 PM, Tue/Thu 1 PM - 4 PM. They ask $15 for a complete test (you can ask that the HIV test be done anonymously) but no one will be refused for lack of funds.

Free anonymous HIV testing
List provided by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation

The San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) hotline -- 415/989-7374
(For more info, see above.)

The Society for Human Sexuality
San Francisco chapter


More Sexy SF Links

Advanced Birds & Bees ("Ask Isadora")

Eros Guide to San Francisco
guide to erotic entertainment, contacts and shopping

The Pleasure-Seeker's Guide

The Red Light District
Sexual and Erotic Resources for the San Francisco Bay Area

Where to buy sex toys in the Bay Area (Bay Guardian Superlist #593, March 1996)

Yahoo's San Francisco Sex (shopping & services) links


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