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Activism: Sex and Sexuality

Sex: It's Not a Dirty Word

(now in our eleventh year on the web!)

"To hear many religious people talk, one would think God created the torso, head, legs and arms, but the devil slapped on the genitals."
-- Don Schrader
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This page has been moved from to This more clearly reflects the unfortunate truth that, in our society, the simple offering of good information about sex is a form of activism. For more good information, call the San Francisco Sex Information hotline or sign up for level one of the Human Awareness Institute workshops.

I love to have fun but I also believe in playing safe! Know your partners and have a responsible sex conversation! Also, it is a good idea to get tested every 6 months to a year, and/or when changing partners. Some basic things to remember:

  • The HIV virus can be transmitted by means of semen to blood or blood to blood contact, most directly through unprotected anal sexual intercourse or via the sharing of needles without sterilization.
  • Latex condoms can help prevent the spread of HIV. Be sure to use only water based (NOT oil-based) lubricants to avoid breaking down the latex. Note that new polypropalene condoms have recently arrived on the market (such as the Avanti condoms by Ramses) and that oil-based lubricants do not harm these. They are, unfortunately, quite expensive.
  • Unprotected oral sex can transmit the HIV virus through small cuts, abrasions, or sores in or around the mouth. Note that brushing your teeth and even eating corn chips can cause such minor cuts. Nevertheless, I consider oral sex to be pretty safe as the environment in the mouth is rather deadly to the HIV virus. (Note: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.)
  • Unprotected fingering and/or fisting can likewise transmit the HIV virus through something as simple and usually unnoticed as a hangnail.
  • There are many Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) other than HIV and AIDS. Besides syphilis, gonorrhea and herpes, you should also be aware of (and you might want to ask your partner(s) about) trichomonas, chlamydia, chancroid, genital warts, NGU, and fungal infections.
  • Some guidelines are listed in a chart depicting a spectrum of safer sex practices
  • And don't forget that the common cold, the most common STD, can lay you up for days (or even weeks) at a time!
  • If you're in the sexy San Francisco Bay Area, check out the excellent free ($10 donation requested) resources at the City Clinic for more info.

Books & Magazines

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy by Margot Annand
This is a great book, covering all sorts of issues including Tantra. A worthwhile addition to any bookshelf!
Tantra by Charles and Caroline Muir
Charles and Caroline Muir teach courses in Tantra both locally and in Hawaii. Their number in Maui is (808) 572-8364 (I will get their local number and post it here)
Loving More Magazine
A magazine promoting polyamorous lifestyles
The Erotic Frontier, with Pat Califia, Susie Bright, David Kramer and ???, available through ???
Four audio tapes of a conference held in Berkeley in April '94. A paraphrased quote from Pat Califia, Bay Area author / "sexual pioneer":
Sex should always, at every instant be consensual. This means that, even during the act, if one person wants to stop, then it stops (yes -- that means even before ejaculation!)
The Fine Art of Erotic Talk by Bonnie Gabriel
How to Entice, Excite and Enchant Your Lover with Words
For Play - 150 Sex Games for Couples by Walter Shelburn
Sacred Space Institute bookstore


Sex & Sexuality Information Resources (See also: SF Information Resources)

AIDS Virtual Library
All You Need To Know About Aphrodisiacs
An Introduction to "Love Chemicals" -- Alternative Sexuality Resources
Good informations on Polyamory and other topics
Betty Dodson, Ph.D.
This website is devoted to erotic sex education and promoting sexual freedom.
Coalition for Positive Sexuality
Just Say Yes
CPS also publishes an excellent listing of resources
The G Zone
Erotic Tools + Sexual Education = A Better Sex Life
Gender and Sexuality
Lots of informative links which address gender studies and queer studies, with a particular focus upon discussions of sex, gender, sexual identity and sexuality in cultural practices.
Herpes FAQ
from Planned Parenthood
house 'o chicks
A great site for chicks who like really fun sex
The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) [cool!]
HAI produces a series of workshops entitled Love, Intimacy and Sexuality that I, myself, have found to be one of the most powerful influences on my life and relationships.
Human Sexuality Resources
A great guide to informational links, with a focus on HIV/AIDS.
Planned Parenthood
a newly expanded site with lots of good information on women's health, birth control and STIs (among other topics)
Howard Landman's Polyamory Index
These kinds of relationships are hard enough to pull off without the added trouble of them being illegal, too! I was in a committed threesome for nine months and it was wonderful though more than a little difficult, too.
See also: Stef's Poly Post Page
Prostitutes' Education Network
The Scarlet Harlot herself asked me to add this link!
Sacred Space Institute
"Imagine a Community where the body is sacred, love is abundant, and the Feminine is honored!"
San Francisco Bay Area Sexuality Resources
This has got to be one of the sexiest cities in the world!
San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) hotline -- 415/989-7374
I say a bit more about SFSI on my SF Bay Area Sex Resource Page.
The SexQuest/Sex Institute & Web Index for Sexual Health (WISH)
Reaffirming a positive and hopeful view of the human future
Sexology Net Line
Dedicated to the advancement of knowledge of human sexuality
The Society for Human Sexuality (
an all-volunteer social and educational organization devoted to the understanding and enjoyment of all safe and consensual forms of sexual and sensual expression
See also their new San Francisco chapter of the Society for Human Sexuality
A Spectrum of the Risks of HIV Transmission [cool!]
A handy chart for referencing currently accepted safer sex practices
A site of sacred sexuality
See their links to teachers of the sensual arts
A great, broad source of collective information.
Yahoo's "Health: Sexually Transmitted Diseases & STDs" page
Yahoo's "Society and Culture: Sexuality" page
This page contains well over 100 links to sex-related subjects

-----> Yum! <-----


Always be safe, sane and consensual.
Cuir Underground
a bi-monthly newspaper for the San Francisco Bay Area pansexual kink communities, brought to you by the Black Rose
The Society of Janus
"An educational and support organization for adults who support and are both seriously and personally interested in sexuality based on a safe, consensual, non-exploitive transfer of power between partners."
Patches Place
They call this place "a rest stop for weary travelers (especially if you have to pee!)". It's got a lot of wet offerings, has a good sense of net rights and links to useful sources of information.
Quality SM (QSM) Home Page
Dedicated to bringing quality written material and education to the SM community throughout the world
Lashes by Sarah
San Francisco's Premier Whipmaker
White Light / Black Leather - an S/M Spirituality Primer
Very good site. See in particular Leather Ethics: Civility and Incivility in the Scene

Stores & Catalogs (See also: SF Stores)

An mail-order company specializing in a full line of sex-positive erotic merchandise.
Condom Country
"Where the pleasure is..."
Condoms & sex items catalog, information, statistics and more.
The original condom store now online with tons of info (& latex!)
Erotic Power Exchange Vendor List
Lots of mail-order houses with brief descriptions and contact info
Grand Opening
An on-line toy store physically located in Brookline, MA.
Excellent on-line catalog
The Stockroom (was JT Toys)
A provider of quality sexual toys and gizmos -- I'm a customer!
Yossie's Handcuff Collection

Just for fun (mostly silly)

AOL's censored words
Here's more on AOL's smut guidelines
bianca's Smut Shack
bianca's been heating up the net with her particular combination of humor and sex for several years now. My how she's grown!
Condom slogans
Some real zingers...
Ferri Tales
"This Web site almost has it all: Romance, Sex, Religion, Politics, Evolution, Crime, Drugs, and my favorite -- Breasts. All it needs now is some Rock 'n' Roll."
The Hanky codes
A widely used, rather elegant way of advertising sexual preferences.
"On the Internet, no one knows you're masturbating"
--Justin Hall


Please email me at <freedom at activism dot net> if you know of other useful on-line pointers to information relating to sex.

And while you're in the neighborhood, check out my page of San Francisco Bay Area Sexuality Resources.

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